Travis/Beaujolais Quartet

Formed in 2000 by saxist/flautist Theo Travis to fulfil 2 ideas simultaneously. One was to have a collaborative Anglo/German band inc. a drummer from Hamburg that Theo plays with over there. The other was to have a band together with me. Theo had always wanted to be in a band using vibes so that he could use the combination of flute & vibes. We’d often talked about doing something together & although for years on & off we’ve guested in each others bands we’d never recorded together.

In June 2000 the band did a tour under the name of Theo Travis’ Berlin Vibe which was not only a great success but also lead to us being offered the chance to record an album for Symbol Records. This all happened fairly quickly & by December 2000 we were in the studio recording an album of tunes, most of which had been written by Theo & I especially for the album.

Soon after recording the album, Theo suggested we changed the name of the band to the Travis/Beaujolais Quartet. Most musicians (as well as most people) like to hog the limelight. It’s a credit to Theo that he was willing to give me equal billing. What a great guy!

  • Cover:Berlin Vibe

    Travis/Beaujolais Quartet

    Released October 2001 on Symbol Records. Catalogue No. SR20001201

    • 1Everything Matters (Theo Travis)
    • 2Life in Sand (Theo Travis)
    • 3Lazy Days
    • 4Conclusion/Beginning
    • 5Some Things Just Happen
    • 6Two of a Kind (Rob Statham)
    • 7It's About Time
    • 8Bag's Groove (Milt Jackson)
    • 9For Those Who Dream
    • 10Lark in the Dark (Theo Travis)
    • 11Flash in the Pan