Barba Lunga

Roger Beaujolais – vibraphone
Giacomo Dominici – electric & double basses
Alessandro Pivi – drums

Recorded at Lunik Studio, Pesaro, Italy in May 2018.
Produced by Roger Beaujolais
All compositions by Roger Beaujolais except tracks:

3. The Wind Cries Mary by Jimi Hendrix
4. Faith by Stan Freeman & Jack Lawrence

Track Listing

  1. Granita For Anita
  2. Barba Lunga
  3. The Wind Cries Mary
  4. Faith
  5. Mr Non PC
  6.  Are We There Yet?
  7.  Benign Tonight
  8.  Lost For Words
  9. Peccable
  10. On The Other Hand
  11. Enough Rope