Live & Still Jumping

Released 2003 on Westside Records.

Roger Beaujolais – Vibraphone & backing vocals
Ray Gelato – Vocals & tenor sax
Maurice Chevalier – Guitar & backing vocals. Lead vocals on Track 10
Clark Kent – Double bass & backing vocals
John Piper – Drums

Produced & arranged by The Chevalier Brothers.
Recorded 1985 at gigs in London – mostly at the Dublin Castle, Camden.

Catalogue No. WESA 816.

Tracks 1 – 9 were originally released on the first album, ‘Live & Jumping’ in 1985. Track 10 was a single released in 1986. The other tracks were recorded at gigs around the same time & were previously unreleased before this CD.


Bar Tender
12″ 3 track single recorded October 1983. Released on Waterfront Records WFST 005 (including “On The Tip Of My Tongue” written by Roger Beaujolais).

I Like ‘Em Fat Like That
12″ 4 track single recorded 1984. Released on Mean Records 12MN105 (including “The Ice Cream Man” written by Roger Beaujolais).

Baby You’re Something Else
7″ and 12″ single recorded early ’86. Released on Disques Cheval DCG01 (2 track 7″) , DCGT01 (3 track 12″).

Buona Sera
7″ and 12″ single recorded 1987. Released on Magnet Records CHEV1 (2 track 7″) , CHEVT1 (3 track 12″) (including “Shuffling The Cards” written by Roger Beaujolais).


Live and Jumping
Album recorded live March 1985. Released on Disques Cheval GG1 (LP). Also released on ‘Victor’ records (VIL-28021) in Japan, ‘Disky’ records (DLP 2003) in Holland and on ‘Genlyd’ records in Denmark. All LP only.

The Chevalier Brothers
Album recorded July ’86 (first recording after Maurice left). Released in the U.K. on Disques Cheval GG2 (LP). Released in Japan on ‘Victor’ records VDP-1143 (CD), and VIL-28057 (LP). Released in Europe with different title : ‘Jump and Jive’ on WEA International 254 769-2 (CD), 254 769-1 (LP), and 254 769-4 (MC) (including “A Flash In The Pan” written by Roger Beaujolais).

Closets In The Cupboard
Album recorded March 1988, released on Disques Cheval GG3 (LP) (including several tunes written by Roger Beaujolais).

Track Listing

  1. 5 Guys Named Mo
  2. Reet Petite & Gone
  3. Fat Sam From Birmingham
  4. Airmail Special
  5. Self Inflicted
  6. The Joint Is Jumping
  7. The Jam Man
  8. One More Drink Bartender
  9. Wake Up Baby
  10. Baby You’re Something Else
  11. I Like ‘Em Fat Like That
  12. Caldonia
  13. Harlem Nocturne
  14. Coco Beano
  15. Jumpin’ At The Jubilee
  16. Barnyard Boogie
  17. Open The Door Richard