Beaujolais Band

TBeaujolais Band edithe first album “Mind How You Go” was released in 1990, the second, “Talk, Talk & More Talk” in 1993 – both on Acid Jazz Records. Some of the first album was recorded before I had the record deal with Acid Jazz & as far as I knew at the time I was writing & playing latin jazz. How wrong can you be? It turned out I was playing Acid Jazz. For this band I had chosen some old friends who happened to be some of the UK’s top salsa musicians: Dave Pattman on bongos, Simon Edwards on bass, Roberto Pla on timbales, Poland Perrin on piano, Roy Dodds on drums & Pete Eckford on congas


Both albums were released worldwide & some tracks have been released on other Acid Jazz compilations & have had extensive plays on radio & in clubs. This band was “put on the back burner” for a couple of years but has recently been reincarnated as Roger Beaujolais’ Latin Vibes & is (very occasionally) gigging again with plans to record another album. The only thing I need is money…


  • Cover:Talk, Talk and More Talk

    The Beaujolais Band

    Released worldwide in 1993 on Acid Jazz Records. Features the radio hits "Milestones" and "Riffing for Cal".

    • 1Compassion
    • 2The New World (Beaujolais, Perrin, Edwards & Pattman)
    • 3Child Talk
    • 4El Monte (Beaujolais, Perrin, Edwards & Pattman)
    • 5Milestones (Miles Davis)
    • 6Third Man
    • 7Riffing For Cal
    • 8Sister Grace (Beaujolais, Perrin, Edwards, Pattman & Dodds)
    • 9Too Shy To Try
    • 10La Malanga (Rudy Delgado)
    • 11Compassion (reprise)
  • Cover:Mind How You Go

    The Beaujolais Band

    Released worldwide in 1990 on Acid Jazz Records. Features the radio hits "Ain't No Sunshine" and "Old Hat, New Hat"

    • 1Mi Banda Llego (Beaujolais, Perrin, Edwards, Pattman & Pla)
    • 2A Fine Vintage
    • 3Ain't No Sunshine (Bill Withers)
    • 4Old Hat, New Hat
    • 5Descarga Na' Ma'
    • 6Mount Kashima
    • 7Water Falls
    • 8So Much For That
    • 9Killer Joe (Benny Golson)